Best Dual Voltage Hair Dryer 2018

The worst part of travelling is leaving home without a good hair dryer.

The hotel provides one, sure, but have you ever used one? It sucks.

So here are 5 best dual voltage hair dryer  to cure all your travelling concerns.

Top Hair Dryer Dual Voltage 2018

X5 Superlite
Ceramic-Ionic Travel Dryer
7 x 3.8 x 8.8 inches2.5 Pounds1600 - Watt
Panasonic EH-NA27-K
Compact Hair Dryer
6.1 x 3.2 x 8.7 inches0.82 Pounds1400 - Watt
Ionic Dual-Voltage
Lightest Hair Dryer
6 x 3.1 x 9.5 inches1.4 Pounds1875 - Watt
Xtava Voluminous Toolkit8.7 x 3.5 x 3.4 inches1.6 pounds1800 - Watt
Conair Compact Hair Dryer4.7 x 9.1 x 3.2 inches1 Pounds1875 - Watt

X5 Superlite 1600W Dual Voltage Ceramic-Ionic Travel Dryer

The first hair dryer for review is the X5 Superlite 1600W Travel Dryer. This foldable hair dryer is intended for easy packing for all your travel situations while being salon quality.

The size of the X5 superlite is a compact 7 x 3.8 x 8.8 inches. And the weight is a featherlight 1 pound.

The X5 Superlite finish is in a matte gold with a contrasting darker tone for the nozzle. The finish allows it standout in a crowd, but remain understated.

The key feature of the X5 Superlite is the solid ceramic stones in the heating element. These create a large volume of negatively charged ions which will hold moisture to give your hair a silky smooth finish. The downside to this hair dryer is no cool setting. Unfortunately, it is made with only 2 settings: low and high heat. X5 adds a 12 month limited warranty for this item.

The Amazon reviews of this product are mostly very positive. They like the lightweight construction because it is easy to handle. Users say it is salon quality housed in a travel friendly frame. There are a few negatives reviews claiming the hair dryer broke down, but these seem to be outliers. The Amazon rating is 3.8 out of 5 stars and check it out for yourself!

Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer

The glossy black and neon pink Panasonic compact hair dryer features a foldable handle and nanoe technology. This sleek hair dryer is specifically designed for travelling.

The Panasonic compact hair dryer comes in at a larger 6.1 x 3.2 x 8.7 inches. It is also a little heavier than other compact hair dryers weighing 13 ounces.

The Panasonic hair dryer is finished in a glossy black and neon pink. This sleek look is mostly black with just a pop of hot pink at the mouth of the hair dryer.

Key features of this hair dryer are the new nanoe technology and lightweight construction. Panasonic developed the nanoe technology which pulls in 1,000 times more moisture to give your hair a smooth finish. The weight is 13 ounces which is light for the compact category of hair dryers, but definitely not the lightest. The foldable handle is great for travelling or storing.

Amazon Reviews for the Panasonic compact hair dryer are mostly positive. The biggest issue reviewers wrote about is the large size. It is larger than most hair dryers in the compact category, but this does have an advantage. The Panasonic hair dryer can perform better than the smaller units. People find it can pull in more air and can perform up to the level of full size hair dryer. The overall Amazon rating is a 4.3 out of 5 stars. If you would like to check this unit out the link is right below.

Ionic Dual-Voltage Lightest Travel Hair Dryer

The Ionic travel hair dryer comes in a utilitarian style. It is simple and plain, but will do the trick for your travel needs.

The Ionic travel hair dryer is a very compact 3” x 7” x 3.5” when it is folded down. The weight comes in at 14 ounces. So for as small as it is, the weight is on the heavier side for the travel category of hair dryers.

The design of the Ionic hair dryer makes a statement that it isn’t about looks, it is about quality. It is a matte silver and black finish that looks very plain. If style is a key feature for you, then this is probably not the hair dryer for you.

The Ionic does have the power of a full size hair dryer. For the travel size hair dryer this is a huge feature, especially if you need the strength of a full size hair dryer. This does contribute to the weight of the machine. It also features an ionizer to reduce hair damage.

The Ionic travel hair dryer has an great rating on Amazon. Reviewers have found the hair dryer is very powerful and is now their everyday hair dryer. The dual voltages settings have worked overseas and at home. People like the lower price for this unit over its competitors. Some reviews are claiming it is the best lightweight hair dryer they have ever owned. The Amazon rating reflects these positive reviews, coming in at 4.3 out of 5 stars with 90% of the reviews being 5 stars. If this lightweight compact travel hair dryer is for you, purchase it here.

Xtava Voluminous Toolkit

The xtava Voluminous Toolkit is designed in a sleek black finish with gold accents. It comes with a diffuser, nozzle attachments and a bristle round brush.

The xtava Voluminous Toolkit is a little heavier than other hair dryers in the travel category; coming in at 4 pounds. This means it is a little heavy to handle and more difficult to store for travelling.

The construction of the xtava Voluminous toolkit is sleek and stylish. The sturdy frame is mostly in a matte black housing covering a glossy gold base. The golden chrome serves as a beautiful accent to the matte black casing.

The xtava Voluminous Toolkit main feature is the dual ion settings. When on setting 2 it gives a sleek blowout finish to your hair. While setting it to 0 provides texturing and volume. The perfect hair feature is a quick setting for medium heat but turbo speed for the best hair finish. The downside to the xtava is not being collapsible making it more difficult to travel with. Xtava provides a 2 year warranty with the purchase of this hair dryer.

The Amazon reviews for the xtava are overwhelmly positive. Users have gushing over the 3 settings giving them perfect hair. They like that the xtava Voluminous Toolkit is equipped with a cool shot setting. The overall rating is a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Check out the xtava Voluminous Toolkit.

Conair 1875 Watt Compact Hair Dryer

The Conair 1875 hair dryer is powerful. This petite styling machine distributes the strength of a full size hair dryer. So whether on the go or at home this machine will provide the strength necessary for your hair.

The Conair 1875 is a small 4.7 x 9.1 x 3.2 inches with a foldable handle to easily stowaway. Weighing a single pound doesn’t make it the lightest compact hair dryer on the market, but it is by no means is too heavy.

The Conair 1875 lives up to the image of other conair products. It is finished for a silver brushed steel appearance with a bold navy Conair 1875 logo on the side.

The Conair 1875 key feature is having the strength of a full size hair dryer. It also has an ionizer for negative ions to give your hair a smooth finish. The drawbacks to this hair dryer is the limited settings. It only has a high and low setting with the off switch between them. If you don’t need more setting, but do need the full size hair dryer strength, this is a good option for your travels.

Amazon reviews have been mostly positive. People are purchasing the Conair based on the full size strength of this machine. Most people are ditching their full sized hair dryer in favor of the Conair 1875. This is a huge compliment for a compact hair dryer. Amazon rating comes in at 4.3 and you can check it out by following the link below.

Kadori Professional Travel Blow Salon Hair Dryer Dual Voltage 110v/240v

The Kadori Professional hair dryer is a compact unit perfect for travelling any where. It features a space saving foldable handle. And is styled in a cute matte black finish.

The size is 5.1 x 5.1 x 12.2 inches, which will comfortably fit the smallest of spaces. The best part is how light this hair dryer is, coming in at 7 ounces.

It is built in a stylish matte black. It is thinner than any of the others on this list so far, which is why it is so light.

The main feature of the Kadori Professional hair dryer is the foldable handle. This compact hair dryer will be able to fit most small spaces whether it be in your luggage or vanity. Since it only weighs 7 ounces it is great for travel and if you don’t like handling heavier hair dryers. These two features make this a top contender for best travel size hair dryer.

The Amazon reviews are a bit of a mix. People really like the lightweight construction for better handling. The foldable handle is a key feature for most reviews. The downside for this hair dryer is only having 2 settings. This is quite limiting and doesn’t have a cool setting. The nozzle is not able to be removed which is another limiting aspect to the hair dryer. The overall rating for the Kadori Professional is 3.8 out of 5 with only 27 total reviews. If you would like to check this hair dryer out the link is below.

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