How to use a hair dryer diffuser

Bored with the common straight hair trend! Switch to natural looking stylish waves and stand-out. It’s time I introduce the hair dryer diffuser to you.

So, let’s begin with a brief what and why, before moving on to “how to use it”.

What is this hair dryer diffuser?

Nothing fancy! The diffuser is basically an attachment for a hair dryer. It’s available separately to buy in case you haven’t received one along with your hair dryer.

Once attached, this simple gadget can do wonders! It does twin tasks at a go- dries hair and perfects hair’s natural waves gorgeously. It can be your new hair styling secret that’s achievable within minutes.

The hair dryer diffuser is designed to work upon the natural hair texture which is usually slightly wavy or curly. Time of forget that lengthy hair spoiling process of drying hair straight and then curling them.

Natural make-up and natural hair styling is in! Highlight your natural waves by perfecting them with the hair dryer diffuser and be the talk of the town.

Why use a hair dryer diffuser?

The hair dryer is in fact a gadget of the 80s which has now been trending again. The highlight of this simple yet useful device is that it safeguards the natural oils in the hair. When the hair is protected from drying out of its moisture it doesn’t go frizzy.

Blow-drying usually straightens the hair. Thus, an additional step of using hot curling rods becomes necessary to get the curls/waves. This is extremely damaging as direct blow drying, along with hot curling irons dries out extensively.

Hair dryer diffuser on the other hand is mild and an affordable method to get luscious waves quickly and easily. The end result is so beautiful that people will feel it’s your natural hair bend.

How to Use the hair dryer diffuser?

A hair dryer diffuser can help you achieve good results, protect your hair health and save you from unwanted frizz. To ensure you are using it the right way, why not check-out these steps. The whole process of using a hair dryer diffuser correctly has been broken up into 10 steps for clarity of understanding.

Step 1: Tie up your wet hair in a turban so that it dries out about 40-50%. Completely omit rubbing your wet hair as it makes hair frizzy.

Step 2: Open the turban, detangle the hair. Avoid combing all the hair as it vanishes natural curls/waves.

Step 3: Pick your hair wave spray or mousse and apply it. The wave spray is meant for application in straight hairs. The mousse suits those with curly or wavy hair types.

  • Tip: If you wish to create more volume in your head’s crown section, try duckbill clips
Step 4: Tune your hair dryer setting on low or medium. High heat will destroy the waves.

Since your hair was already towel dried about 50%, be very careful regarding over-drying. It spoils the look and makes hair frizzy.

Step 5: When using the diffuser, you can try two different head postures. You can either tilt your head side-ways or you may flip all your hairs downwards.

Step 6: Take about 2 inch hair sections and place them lightly into the diffuser bowl. To attain well-defined waves you may twist the hair prior to placing them in the bowl.

This trick also helps maintain waves on hair portions that tend to fall flat often. In order to heat up till the hair roots, work the diffuser up till your head with gentle hands.

Step 7: Your attempt is to dry your hair about 70-80% only. 50% you had already achieved with the turban. 25-30 % more you achieved with the hair dryer diffuser.

The rest 20-25% you must let your hair dry naturally on its own. This will add more bounce to your finished look.

Step 8: Only when the hair tips are straight, the waves look as though you were born with them. Use a comb/brush to perfect your hair ends.

Step 9: Once your hair is set with beautiful waves and perfect ends, apply a cream meant for defining curls/waves. Do this with light hands so that the waves aren’t spoiled.

Step 10: Finally, shake up your head to get that gorgeous fluff before stepping out.

Which hair types does the hair dryer diffuser support?

Hair dryer diffuser works on all hair types. Anyone having straight hairs, curly locks, light waves, or close curls can use the hair diffuser. Even it can be used on a variety of hair textures such as thin, medium or thick hairs types.

Try the hair dryer diffuser as a better and safer option. This device is designed to keep your natural hair moisture locked in the hair for a longer time-span.

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