10 Best Travel Hair Dryer With Dual Voltage 2024 – Foldable & Lightweight

The worst part of traveling is leaving home without a good hair dryer. The hotel provides one, sure, but have you ever used one? It sucks.

There is a constant disappointment when you get into an unfamiliar hotel or home and find that the present hair dryer is not suited for your style or lacks the features you require to attain your desired look. This is where lightweight, portable and region-free dryers come in.

So here are the 10 best dual voltage hair dryer to cure all your traveling concerns.

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Top Rated Blow Dryer 2024

For your reference, here we have reviewed 10 models of hair dryers. So it will be easy for you to choose the best out of it.

1. Revlon 1875W Ionic Technology and 3X Ceramic Coating – Lightweight Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Ionic Technology


Revlon is worldwide well known for manufacturing beauty products. Revlon Hair Tools is devoted to helping women to achieve stunning and beautiful hair they will love.

Folding Handle and Compact Design: Revlon 1875W hair dryer has a compact device. Its handle is easily foldable so you can store it in your travel bag or gym bag.

Ionic Technology and 3X Ceramic Coating: Revlon hair dryer is made with Ionic technology and Triple Ceramic that helps in reducing hair damage. It will also use in unwanted frizzy hair and gives stunning and shiny hair.

Features and Specification:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Worldwide dual voltage for convenient use
  • Coated with 3X ceramic that helps to protect hair from over styling
  • 2 Speed setting and 2 heat settings for maximum style control
  • Attachment included for smoothing concentrator
  • Equipped with Ionic technology
  • Powerful, compact, and good value
  • It doesn’t require for a voltage converter
  • Quick drying time
  • Various settings for all type of hair
  • Easy storage
  • Diffuse attachment is not included
  • It is little bit noisy
  • Pivoting switch is quite hard to use


Revlon 1875W is the best product for all types of hair. Especially those women who have thick and curly hair can get the most benefits out of it.

2. JINRI Hair Dryer – Foldable handle for easy storage and carry

jinri hair dryer


Jinri has over 15 years of experience in making hair dryers. Their all models are powerful yet affordable.

Dual Voltage and Compact: This hair dryer is designed with dual voltage – 125 and 250V so it can be used anywhere in the world. Also, it is lightweight and compact so it is very easy to carry and storage.

Ceramic Tourmaline: Jinri Hair Dryer is equipped with Ceramic Tourmaline. That will help in professional hair care while reducing hair frizz. It will add shine and silky smooth hair.

Features and Specification:

  • Dual voltage so it can be used anywhere
  • 8 M long and 360-degree swivel power cord for easy use
  • Foldable handle for easy storage and carry
  • Cool shot button
  • Easily foldable for easy storage and carry
  • Infrared heat
  • 9 Foot of cord for easy operation
  • Ideal for all types of hair
  • 2 Speed and 2 Heat settings
  • Built with Ceramic Ion technology
  • Attachments are little complex
  • Some users have also complained about its voltage switching


Overall, JINRI Travel Hair Dryer is one of the best hair dryers. It’s very useful accessories, a leader in technology, and quality design makes this unit outstanding.

3. Andis 80020 Ceramic Ionic – Mini & Retractable Cord Hair Dryer

Andis 80020 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go


Andis Ionic Hair Dryer has become very favorite hair dryer. And the reason is its result.

Andis is being used in almost 90 countries so you can get the idea, about its popularity around the world.

Ionic Expertise: Ionic is the latest technology in hair dryers and it is equipped with this model. Ionic help to make the negative ions which cause the hair dry quickly. The effect is static with this unique feature.

Folding handle and retractable cord: It is designed with a folding handle and retractable handle so it can be very easy to store and carry.

Features and Specification:

  • 3 air speeds/heat for ultimate control and styling
  • Folding handle and retractable cord for easy storage and carry
  • Immediate results achieved
  • Compact and powerful
  • Folding handle that makes machine even smaller
  • 3 Preset operating system
  • Ionic process that makes hair frizz free
  • It has cool shot button
  • Folding option is quite delicate


Andis 1875-Watt is the product which you will love to use. Its modern and compact design are enough to attract you. Its super performance will be added a feature to love it even more.

4. Berta Professional Folding Blow Dryer

Berta Professional Folding Blow Dryer


Berta is a leading new brand which has already become popular in the field of hair dryers. It has earned huge fan following and goodwill in very short span of time.

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology: It is designed with Ionic output that helps in fighting frizzy hair and provides natural and shining hair.

Super Design and performance: This hair dryer is made with very lightweight. Also, it creates very low noise while using. It gives a very powerful performance with its 1875W.

Features and Specification:

  • 1875 Watts
  • Powerful AC Motor
  • Cool Shot
  • Two Fan Speeds
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Removable end cap
  • Ionic Conditioning
  • Infrared and Negative Ionic technology
  • Straightening comb is included
  • Durable AC motor
  • Concentrator attachment is included
  • Dual voltage so can be used anywhere in the world
  • It doesn’t have 360-degree swivel cord
  • Short cord


Overall, Berta Professional Folding Blow Dryer is affordable with robust performance. There are some cons of this product, but if you will overlook, it can be the hair dryer which you are looking for.

5. Panasonic Nanoe Compact EH-NA27-K

Panasonic Nanoe Compact


Do you want to buy Compact Hair Dryer? Are you aware of the features that you should know when making your choice?

When you have information about travel dryer, you will be in a position to make an informed decision especially when you need a good deal.

Here is a review of the mini blow dryer that you must know before buying one.

The Panasonic hair dryer features a revolutionary Nanoe technology that enables it to inject 1000 times more moisture droplets when compared with other dryers with ionic technology.

It adds more fluff and relative volume to the hair and users will experience markedly reduced frizz and significantly less damage to the hair due to brushing.

Here are some of the Pros to remember:

  • It is significantly less expensive with a retractable cord of 1875 watts making it among the best options that you can buy from the market. During your purchase, you are likely to make huge savings compared to other available brands for sale.
  • When using it, you will dry up your hair much faster, which makes it one of the options especially when you need the best solution.
  • It is easy to maintain since you do not need much especially when you want to improve the looks of your hair.
  • It can deliver a 1400-Watt power and high, cool and medium airflow settings to accommodate different hair types, styles, and drying times.

What are the Cons? The main con is the cost especially when compared to other cheaper options available for sale in the market. You might have challenges when using it for the first time especially when you want to style your hair.

The Overall Review The above review of compact blow dryer should help you understand the product before you can be in a position to use it.

6. Babyliss Travel Hairdryer: Babyliss Pro TT Tourmaline Titanium Dryer

Babyliss Travel Hairdryer


It is a fold-able travel dryer with dual voltage capabilities hence it can be used anywhere in the world.

It has proprietary Tourmaline Titanium (TT) technology which generates negative ions and infrared heat that serves to eliminate the frizzy and bunched up effect by closing the hair cuticle to maintain hair with a great glossy shine.

The pure gemstones of the Tourmaline variety are joined together with the ceramics. It has a removable filter cover that allows users to access the filter in case of replacement.

It has a protective cover that prevents hair from getting sucked into the dryer. Its dimensions are 5.5 x 3.1 x8.9 inches and are quite light with and overall weight of 1 pound. It has a power rating of 1000 watts.

  • It is extremely lightweight and small in size.
  • It works relatively quickly and tangible results can be observed in a relatively short amount of time.
  • It has a long power cord and this allows the user to move around freely
  • It is not suited for people with long hair.
  • When the settings on the voltage selector are set to 220 volts, it tends to disable the high speed/ heat setting.
  • The diffuser tends to fall off from time to time due to the high pressure airflow.
  • The dryer has a protective feature that shuts it down after 5 minutes of continuous use to avoid overheating.


Overall Review The Babyliss Tourmaline Titanium dryer has a reasonable overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and s relatively cheap. This is a bargain and value for money considering the number of features it packs. Check out our latest review of the best Babyliss blow dryers.

7. X5 Superlite 1600W Dual Voltage Ceramic-Ionic


This foldable hair dryer is intended for easy packing for all your travel situations while being salon quality.

The size of the X5 superlite is a compact 7 x 3.8 x 8.8 inches. And the weight is a featherlight 1 pound.

The X5 Superlite finish is in a matte gold with a contrasting darker tone for the nozzle. The finish allows it standout in a crowd, but remain understated.

The key feature of the X5 Superlite is the solid ceramic stones in the heating element. These create a large volume of negatively charged ions which will hold moisture to give your hair a silky smooth finish.

The downside to this hair dryer is no cool setting. Unfortunately, it is made with only 2 settings: low and high heat. X5 adds a 12 month limited warranty for this item.

The Amazon reviews of this product are mostly very positive. They like the lightweight construction because it is easy to handle. Users say it is salon quality housed in a travel friendly frame. There are a few negatives reviews claiming the hair dryer broke down, but these seem to be outliers. The Amazon rating is 3.8 out of 5 stars and check it out for yourself!

8. Hot Tools Professional Ht 1044 – Diffuser & Concentrator nozzle Attachments

Hot Tools Professional Ht 1044


The dryer is lightweight and has a convenient folding handle. It also has dual voltage capability with an inclusive voltage switch. It has two heat and speed settings with a convenient cool shot option. The end cap is hinged and is also provided with a concentrator and finger diffuser and it incorporates direct ionic technology to reduce frizz. Its dimensions are 6.5 x 2.5 x 5 inches and weighs 1.6 pounds

  • It is a relatively cheap hair dryer
  • It heats up quite fast and dries hair quickly
  • It has a significantly quiet operation
  • It does not work well with curly hair
  • The hinge where the handle folds tends to entangle users hair.
  • The airflow is not powerful enough
  • The Hot Tools hair dryer lacks an adjustment for temperature and its default blast is quite hot.


Overall Review: The hair dryer is moderately and has received overall consumer reviews of 4.1 out of 5 stars. This is one of the hair dryer with diffuser for performing quick touch ups and does not let the user down despite being unfriendly to curly hair.

9. Ionic Dual-Voltage Lightest Travel Hair Dryer

brookstone ionic dual-voltage travel hair dryer


The travel ionic hair dryer comes in a utilitarian style. It is simple and plain, but will do the trick for your travel needs.

The Ionic blow dryer is a very compact 3” x 7” x 3.5” when it is folded down. The weight comes in at 14 ounces. So for as small as it is, the weight is on the heavier side for the travel category of hair dryers.

The design of the Ionic hair dryer makes a statement that it isn’t about looks, it is about quality.

It is a matte silver and black finish that looks very plain. If style is a key feature for you, then this is probably not the hair dryer for you. The Ionic does have the power of a full size hair dryer. For the travel size hair dryer this is a huge feature, especially if you need the strength of a full size hair dryer.

This does contribute to the weight of the machine. It also features an ionizer to reduce hair damage. The Ionic hair dryer has an great rating on Amazon. Reviewers have found the hair dryer is very powerful and is now their everyday hair dryer.

The dual voltages settings have worked overseas and at home. People like the lower price for this unit over its competitors. Some reviews are claiming it is the lightweight hair dryer they have ever owned.

The Amazon rating reflects these positive reviews, coming in at 4.3 out of 5 stars with 90% of the reviews being 5 stars. If this lightweight compact hair dryer is for you, purchase it here.

10. Small Hair Dryer: Conair 1875 Watt

Conair 1875 Watt


The Conair 1875 hair dryer is powerful. This petite styling machine distributes the strength of a full-size hair dryer.

So whether on the go or at home this machine will provide the strength necessary for your hair. The Conair 1875 is a small 4.7 x 9.1 x 3.2 inches with a foldable handle to easily stow away.

Weighing a single pound doesn’t make it the lightest compact hair dryer on the market, but it is by no means is too heavy.

The Conair 1875 lives up to the image of other Conair products. It is finished for a silver brushed steel appearance with a bold navy Conair 1875 logo on the side.

The Conair 1875 key feature is having the strength of a full-size hair dryer. It also has an ionizer for negative ions to give your hair a smooth finish. The drawback to this hair dryer is the limited settings. It only has a high and low setting with the off switch between them.

If you don’t need more settings, but do need the full-size hair dryer strength, this is a good option for your travels. Amazon reviews have been mostly positive. People are purchasing the Conair based on the full-size strength of this machine.

Most people are ditching their full-sized hair dryer in favor of the Conair 1875. This is a huge compliment for a compact hair dryer. Amazon rating comes in at 4.3 and you can check it out by following the link below.

Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Travel Hair Dryer Guide

Traveling involves carrying a lot of luggage and adding a heavy dryer only makes traveling less fun. You can prevent this by looking for the smallest and easily foldable travel dryer.

This folding mechanism will allow the dryer to be able to fit into the smaller pockets of your bag for easy transport. Each continent has different electrical outputs and voltage.

These countries also use different plug types and these plugs may require adapters that step up or step down the current to avoid a big mess by burning your brand new portable hair dryer.

In the United States, electricity voltage runs at 110 volts whereas Africa, Asia, Europe and South America have a standard 220v hair dryer output at the socket. Every home hair dryer has a high wattage level and travel hair dryer diffusers, due to their smaller sizes tend to have smaller wattage.

This will affect the overall performance therefore it is wise to seek out a travel dryer with a wattage that closely resembles your home dryer. Low wattage hair dryers are relatively the best for persons with short hair while high wattage dryers work wonders for long-haired individuals.

It is advisable to choose a dryer that is labeled as dual voltage and has a voltage switch. This will work in all zones and if the dryer does not come with one, you can always purchase a voltage converter.

What to look for in a travel blow dryer?

Buying Travel Hair Dryers infographic
Travel Hair Dryers Infographic

There are certain things that you need to take into consideration while buying a hair dryer:

Dual voltage

To dry your hair quickly without putting unnecessary strain on it, you should blow dry it on medium heat and with a full blower. However, this is only possible if the hairdryer also has separately controllable fan and heating levels. To get the most out of your device, you should choose a model that has at least two levels of temperature and power.


Various attachments such as diffuser, concentrator nozzle, brush, and etc. are also important to care your hair. If the manufacturer doesn’t provide attachments, you will have to buy additionally from the market which is annoying. So ensure to have the hair dryer which comes with the proper attachments that fulfill your needs.

Easy to pack

Usually, you are going to use a hair dryer on daily basis. It must not be so complicated to pack. It must be easy to pack in the box. There are many attachments comes with the device, which also must house well in the box.

Hot and cold heat settings

Hot and cold heat setting is also important to check. A cold stage is necessary to fix your styling. Once you’ve got your hair in shape, blow-dry it again with cold air. The hair cools faster and you prevent them from hanging up after screwing.

Safety and Durability

Safety and durability is also other things to consider. Who wants to achieve not only an optimal result but also wants to pay attention to safety, should also attach importance to so-called over-temperature protection: If the hair dryer exceeds a certain temperature limit, the device switches off automatically – so the hair dryer cannot overheat.

Compact – Lightweight

No special function and no accessories will do anything if you cannot cope with the hairdryer itself. Pick up the hair dryer and see if the weight is okay for you. It should be compact and lightweight. After all, you have to hold the device for a few minutes at a time over the head while styling.

Value for money

Professional hairdryers must have value for money. They are more expensive than the standard equipment. But they have far more benefits and are far superior to a normal domestic hair dryer in terms of technical performance such as: motor power, ion technology, temperature selection, case processing, and ergonomics. With such a device you will be extremely satisfied for many years, especially for private use.

Heat and Speed Settings

Let the hair dryer show you the heat and speed levels so that you can judge the intensity and strength and the functionality of the hair dryer. With weak devices, it takes a relatively long time until the temperature becomes nice and cool when using the cold button.

How do I choose a good hair dryer?

Frizz is unattractive to some and the best way to avoid it is by seeking a travel dryer that has ceramic elements. Such dryers are fairly more expensive but certainly do the trick when it comes to eliminating frizz. It is important to choose Ionic hair dryer diffusers as they give out the best drying speeds and guarantee smooth results.

A dryer that has Tourmaline will dry hair much faster and will leave hair glossy and shiny. For those who have tightly curled hair, dryers with diffusers are the best option especially if the dryer is included with a Cool shot which will help in protection from overheating.

Choosing the Right Hair Dryer

It is also necessary to choose the right hair dryer according to your hair type. Following quick tips will surely help you.

For Thick Hair:

Ionic dryers are suitable for thick hair. It will cut down your time while tourmaline types of hair dryers will enhance in retaining moisture and shine to your hair.

For Straight Hair:

If you have fine straight hair, you will want to have a non-ionic type of hair dryer. It will not get any texture or volume in your super straight hair.

For Frizzy Hair:

In order to eliminate frizzy hair, you should have a concentrator also known as a nozzle. It will help hair to stir up. If your hair dryer has a nozzle on the end of it, it will send all the air, in particular, in one direction. This will help the cuticles lay down flatter.

Hair types
Source: youtube.com

For Oily Hair:

You should avoid buying ionic or tourmaline dryers if you have an oily hair type. In such case, you should go for a regular dryer because all the sealing, shining, and smoothing will enhance the appearance of oily hair.

For Damaged Hair:

You should avoid using a damaged hair dryer, but if you do not have any other option left, you should use a regular hair dryer with low heat settings. A tourmaline ionic hair dryer may be the best for damaged hair because it is better at retaining hair moisture. Also, it has a faster drying time.

For Curly Hair:

If you have curly hair, you should have a diffuser attachment. It will allow your hair to dry without stirring it up. Negative ions from the ionic feature help to dry your hair a little quicker.

For Normal, Fine And/Or Dry Hair: 

For normal, fine, and dry hair, Tourmaline hair dryers are best. Also, you should ensure, it must have gentle on the heat. Tourmaline is a kind of stone that is crushed up and use to coat the inside of the dryer. That helps to boost up the production of negative ions causing hair not only to dry faster but also it is to retain smooth dry damaged hair and moisture hair.


Hair dryers brands
Source: youtube.com
Revlon is one of the pioneer brands in the creation of personal care products such as cosmetics, fragrances, beauty accessories etc. It has more than 70 years of experience. With the Revlon Titanium dryer, you can perform wonderful hairstyles, and it will help you to dry your hair more quickly and effectively
From hi-tech stylers to traditional bonnet, Conair has a wide range of hair dryers for your whole family. Their every styler is designed with cutting-edge technology and performance.

They offer quick and easy customized styling. With Conair, unleash the power of a full-size dryer! Their latest technology dries your hair with less stress and faster.


BaBylissPRO brand is the leader in personal care. It is an international firm with a presence in 60 countries. Its philosophy is to promote the natural beauty of people. They design, manufacture and market high-tech products with quality standards. Its production line focuses on products for hair and body care.


Panasonic is one the most loved brands by many. Panasonic has a wide range with an attractive price. Using, Panasonic hair dryer, your hair will be maintained without damaging your hair. Their every product is equipped with the latest technology that helps in fast drying and easy styling. Even if your hair is thick, a strong airflow is backed by the high wattage of power make it hair dry even faster.

Andis Company is a family business founded in 1922, based in the USA, a leading manufacturer of professional machines for cutting and retouching hair. They are powerful machines with a large cutting autonomy.

If you have straight hair, you want it curly and if you have curly or wavy you prefer it smooth as a board. Luckily, thanks to advances in beauty and hairdressing products by Andis, they can now change your hair in a matter of minutes comfortably and at home.

T3 Micro

Do you want bright, shiny hair? You can get it with T3 Micro. It uses the most advanced technology to provide a healthier technique for hair. With T3 Micro you can achieve healthier, voluminous and luminous hair with its revolutionary products. From hair dryers to curling irons, T3 Micro has it all.

Jinri is a renowned top player in the hair dryer industry with more than 15 years of experience; Industry-leading technology. Jinri is one of the best products of travel hair dryers because it offers a very competitive price and above all has good characteristics.

They use the technology of negative ions and far-infrared heat, which means that you will get a much more professional drying, while your hair will appreciate this type of drying and therefore you can enjoy a much smoother hair.


is professional in the field of travel hair dryer machines. They have a wide range of hair straighteners, hair curlers, and hair dryers. Their every product is easy to use, dynamic, and vitality. It has become a very popular brand in hairdressing tools. The MHD hair dryer will surely enhance the entire look of your hair.

What type of hair dryer is best?

types of hair dryers
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There are many types of hair dryers on the market and it is important to know which style would be the most suitable for your hair.


Hair dryers are usually equipped with one of the three types of coils: metal, ceramic or tourmaline. Ceramic coils are often a preferred option because of their ability to heat quickly and evenly. The result is the hair dries faster without suffering damage.


Added-value of Infrared is to try not to damage both the hair and the common dryers. Infrared light diffuses a soft heat inside the cuticle of the hair, this heat helps keep hair soft and shiny. In addition, it has antimicrobial properties that eliminate any type of bacteria, helping to remove odors from the hair and leaving it with an exquisite sensation of freshness and softness.


Many of the modern models are equipped with hairdryer ionization functions. The system is designed for a 220v hair dryer to cope with the negative effects of positive ions on the hair, neutralize its negative flow, but at the same time retention of the moisture jumbo hair dryer. The negative ions smooth scales and reduce static electricity. As a result, your hair is shiny and manageable.


Consider a gemstone, Tourmaline, is one of the most effective to dry hair, since these release negative ions when heated, and that having contact with the hair and this is known to have positive charge, the effect produces a soft hair, silky and free of electricity.


Titanium is the bright metallic element that is found in rocks and is recognized for its durability, low weight, and strength, and very good thermal conductivity. Titanium plates allow heat transfer more quickly, which means that the results are even more superior and immediate, regardless of the condition of the hair.

Hair Dryer Q&A

What voltage is a hair dryer in Europe?

If you’re from the US and traveling to Europe, Asia, Africa, or the South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand then a dual voltage hair dryer is absolutely essential. Full list of voltage by country.

What is Ionic Hair Dryer?

Ionic hair dryers give off a negative ionic charge. They are very convenient since you can dry your hair with them a lot faster, and in that process, they seal the strands’ cuticles, so your hair preserves a healthy amount of moisture.

What is dual voltage hair dryer?

As the name implies, this hair dryer has two voltage options for you to choose from. You have 110-220V and 220-240V. These hair dryers are an excellent option for traveling since they are very safe to use.

Can I use my hairdryer in USA?

It largely depends on the voltage. If your hair dryer supports a voltage range such as 220-240V or 100-120V, your hair dryer will work fine in the USA. It is also important to have a compatible plug and socket in order for it to work.

Is ionic or ceramic hair dryer better?

It depends on your personal preference. Ceramic ones help you distribute heat more evenly and keep your hair’s moisture, but they are not as effective as their ionic counterparts for controlling frizz.

On the other ionic hair dryers dry your hair faster at lower temperatures and are excellent for curly hair since it helps in the preservation of your curls, but they are not the best solution for fine, thin hair.

What is the best hair dryer for damaged hair?

All of the products from our list are excellent solutions for damaged hair, and we recommend you to go for Revlon 1875W Ionic Technology and 3X Ceramic Coating. It works excellently at lower temperatures and dries hair very fast. Since high temperatures are one of the biggest reasons hair gets damaged, this product is an excellent solution.


All said and done, the best travel hair dryers come packed with powerful features and technologies while considering portability and function. To make an informed decision, consider the destination, power source, frequency of use and the hair styles that you will apply. The right hair dryer will fulfill both men and women’s beauty needs while allowing travelers to enjoy their exhilarating travel experiences with ease.

Before you go, check out some of the best selling travel hair dryers on Amazon: