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Having natural hair with beautiful textures, pretty as it is, often presents a challenge for maintenance. Exposure to too much heat can damage it, so in order to keep in tip-top shape, you should look for the best blow dryer for natural hair.

Since today’s market is flooded with numerous blow dryers that have various useful features, such a purchase can present itself as a struggle. We understand this problem, so in order to help you, we have put together a list of some of the best-reviewed blow dryers on the market that will keep your natural hair beautiful and keep its structure.

Blow Dryer for Natural Hair

List of Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

1. JINRI Hair Dryer 1875W – Best Lightweight

JINRI Hair Dryer 1875W


This blow dryer comes from the Jinri store, and it is an excellent combination of affordable price tag and quality features. It comes in black color and is an exceptional choice for oily, wavy, dry, fine, or normal hair types.

It boasts a powerful 1875W AC motor, which is much more stable than DC one and also lasts longer. Jinri hair dryer is equipped with negative ion technology, which breaks down water particles in the hair and causes it to evaporate faster, which drastically accelerates drying.

The thing that you will notice right out of the box is that the product is pretty lightweight. It has a silicone-type feel, so it is non-slippery, unlike other blow dryers made of plastic. The fact that the buttons are sideways might not be the best setup for everyone, and you might change settings by accident.

The drying process is much faster, but it does not compromise your hair’s health. For example, you can use it on lower heat and airflow settings and still finish much faster than some of its counterparts—excellent value for money.

  • Focused airflow to help define natural hair
  • It is powerful and dries thick and wavy hair fast
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slippery
  • Placement of speed and heat settings buttons might be inconvenient


2. KISS 1875 Watt Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer – Ergonomic Handle

KISS 1875 Watt Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer


This lightweight and affordable blow dryer comes from the Kiss store and offers you 3 heat settings and 2 speeds alongside a button that allows you to control temperature. It is a quite durable product that dries your hair smoothly without damaging it.

Storing this product is very convenient since it is equipped with an ergonomic handle and hanging loop. Kiss 1875 watt ceramic blow dryer is really a full package, and it comes with 2 straightening detangler combs, concentrator, diffuser, removable filter cap, alongside 4 sectioning clips.

This hair dryer is made of tourmaline ceramic, giving off negative ions, which provides much smoother and healthier drying. In addition, it seals moisture, eventually resulting in shiny and stylish hair. It dries thick hair very fast and offers exceptional drying power without damaging hair texture. Very affordable and well worth checking out.

  • Cost-efficient
  • Various useful features
  • Easy to control the temperature
  • It might be harder to press buttons for left-handed people


3. Revlon 1875W Shine Boosting Hair Dryer – Quiet Pick

Revlon 1875W Shine Boosting Hair Dryer


This Revlon’s blow dryer comes with all the useful features that many high-end ones possess. It features 3 settings that regulate heat and airflow, alongside a cool button, concentrator nozzle, and removable cap to eliminate lint.

Right out of the box, you will notice that this dryer is quite lightweight, and when you turn it on for the first time, you will notice that it works very quietly and calmly. Since the temperature and airflow are very strong, you can dry your hair very fast, and with a simple press on the button, the temperature can go from hot to cool in a matter of seconds.

The one downside of this product is its half-moon-shaped nozzle, which makes it more difficult to direct the heat accurately. This can make drying uneven sometimes. Other than that, the dryer is very durable and worth checking out.

  • Ionic and ceramic technology that eliminates static electricity
  • The concentrator is easy to snap on and off
  • Adds volume
  • A Half-moon nozzle makes it harder to direct heat accurately


4. SHRATE Ionic Hair Dryer – For Long and Thick Hair

SHRATE Ionic Hair Dryer


Coming from the Shrate store, this ionic hairdryer is an exceptional choice if you have long and thick natural hair and want to dry it evenly without damaging it. It grants strong airflow and works very effectively and quietly.

Since this hair dryer uses negative ion technology, it keeps sufficient moisture in your hair and reduces damage to it due to overheating. This technology is also effective in reducing frizz and increasing the shine of your hair, which is an ultimate goal when you want to purchase a high-quality blow dryer.

The dryer might feel a bit heavy for some, which is one of the rare downsides. It comes with a detachable dustproof back cover which reduces the amount of dust sucked in, thus increasing the longevity of the product. It also features 3 speeds and 3 types of nozzle (smooth, styling, and diffusion.)

  • Three options of drying power and warmth level for faster drying
  • The texture makes it easier to hold
  • Compact
  • Excellent for traveling
  • Nice design
  • A bit heavy


5. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt AC Motor Pro Hair Dryer – Fast Drying

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR 1875 Watt AC Motor Pro Hair Dryer


In case you do not care much about the weight of the blow dryer, this Infinitipro product is an excellent choice for you. It dries hair very fast and offers 3 heat and 2 speed settings alongside a button that cools off the temperature quickly.

This dryer produces very fast airflow (65 mph) and provides heat of 205 Fahrenheit. However, it weighs 1.3 pounds, which may feel a bit heavy after you spend a couple of minutes holding it and may place a burden on your shoulders.

It comes with a 6 feet long cord, which is much longer than the most inexpensive hair dryers. All the buttons are placed conveniently and easy to use, although the cool button is a bit smaller and more difficult to hold down. It features both a diffuser and a concentrator, and although it works very fast and efficiently, the downside is that the attachments can be hard to remove.

  • Very fast drying
  • Ionic technology for smooth and shiny hair
  • Excellent airflow
  • Optimum control
  • A bit heavy
  • Attachments may be hard to remove


6. Conair 1875 Watt Cord-Keeper Hair Dryer – Affordable Pick

Conair 1875 Watt Cord-Keeper Hair Dryer


Coming from the Conair store, this blow dryer is an exceptional choice for natural hair and provides excellent airflow with a temperature that will dry your hair very fast without damaging it. The overall slick design, easy-to-grip handle, and affordable price add even more to its value.

This blow dryer features a folding handle, which makes it very easy to store and convenient for travel. It also has ionic conditioning, which grants shiny-looking and smooth hair. Since it is equipped with tourmaline ceramic technology, it produces infrared heat, which gently dries your hair and ultimately reduces the damage to it.

This hairdryer offers 2 speed and heat settings, enabling you to customize airflow according to your needs. The cord keeper is a nice touch since you will not have to worry about it becoming a tangled mess which can happen very often.

  • Foldable handle for easy storage
  • Affordable
  • Cord keeper
  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Noisy


7. Andis 80480 1875-Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer – Professional Features

Andis 80480 1875-Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer


This tourmaline ceramic ionic blow dryer comes from the Andis store, and it is available in black, purple, and red colors. It provides you with faster and gentler hair drying while eliminating frizz for a smoother and silkier feel and hair.

This product has a very nice design, is very easy to grip, and is not noisy as your usual blow dryer. It features styling tools that offer you various professional features such as 30-second heat-up, a variety of heat settings that go up to 450 degrees, auto shut off, multiple speed settings, and a cool button.

It is suitable for various natural hair types and lengths. When buying, you should opt for a newer, black model which feels and looks much nicer in hands compared to the older gloss white one. It provides excellent value for a very affordable price tag.

  • High-velocity airflow
  • Even-heat ceramic technology for preserving natural oils and moisture
  • Styling tools with pro features
  • Comb attachment might fall off often
  • Average durability


8. HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Turbo Ceramic Rainbow Hair Dryer

HOT TOOLS Professional 1875W Turbo Ceramic Rainbow Hair Dryer


Although a bit pricier than other blow dryers from the list, this product offers various useful features. It has 6 different power settings to regulate heat, and its compact size and long cord ensure that you can move with it freely and can store it with ease.

The Ceramic Rainbow blow dryer is lightweight yet very powerful and provides a fast-drying experience. It grants powerful airflow that provides you with high volume, silky smooth hair. Since it dries your hair using only hot airflow, the whole experience is much healthier for your hair texture.

The texture of this dryer is soft, comfortable, and does not get overheated. As far as accessories go, this product comes with diffusers and an afro comb which you can use to detangle your hair easily. In addition, soft bristles work well so that you can reach all the hair roots.

  • 6 different power settings
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • The attachments do not stay on well


9. NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

NITION Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer


This Nition’s blow dryer is a very good product for the price. It is not too big and offers you a variety of useful settings and features. It is a very powerful dryer, and since its coolest setting is still quite hot, you can use the cool button to adjust it properly.

This ceramic hair dryer features 3 heating and 2 air speed settings which allows you to fine-tune your drying experience. The diffuser attachment is excellent, and it helps you dry your hair much quicker than other blow dryers in this price range.

As far as attachments go, they are pretty durable and made of hard plastic, and you get a diffuser, concentrator, and comb. The cord is 7.5 feet long, which is more than enough for you to move around easily while using this product.

  • Strong airflow without noise
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Long power cord
  • Average reliability


10. Xpoliman Pro Ionic Salon Hair Blow Dryer –  Don’t Miss

Xpoliman Pro Ionic Salon Hair Blow Dryer


Coming from the Xpoliman store, this professional ionic blow dryer grants you exceptional value for the money. It offers 3 heat and 2 speed settings that are mixed into 6 different modes, allowing you to set up drying according to your needs.

This product is very powerful and produces quite a strong airflow without noise. It features advanced tourmaline-ionization technology that generates negative ions allowing you to dry your hair faster and smoother.

The product comes with a variety of attachments suitable for different hair types. The package includes a diffuser and concentrator that allow you to quickly dry your hair while reducing frizz. An exceptional product for the price.

  • Negative ionic technology eliminates frizz
  • Powerful AC motor
  • ALCI safety plug that provides overheat and leakage protection
  • The diffuser may not stay on


Buying Guide

Professional Natural Hair Dryer

Natural hair requires a special type of care and a blow dryer that does not take long to dry. Before spending any money, you should take your time and do research to figure out all the necessary features you require. To help you with this, we have put together a brief list of guidelines you should follow in the section below.

Ionic Technology

This technology does wonders for natural hair, and it is one of the most important features the blow dryer should possess. It uses negatively charged ions to break water molecules on the hair’s surface, and the smaller these molecules are, the easier they get absorbed, and the hair gets much better hydration.

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

Tourmaline ceramic technology hair dryers are a top-notch choice if you want soft and smooth hair. This technology distributes heat evenly and prevents any type of heat damage while reducing frizz alongside static electricity.


Attachments Blow Dryer

The attachments you get alongside the blow dryer are very important. Look for the product that comes with a diffuser that will help you to spread heat evenly and a concentrator that helps straighten your hair. These are the most important, but you can also get blow dryers with attachments like combs.


Make sure that the blow dryer you are purchasing is made from durable materials and that it is covered with ceramic coating to prevent breaking.

Speed and Heat Settings

Speed and Heat Settings

Ensure that the blow dryer you are purchasing has a variety of heat and speed settings that will allow you to adjust the level of heat emitted and help you control the airflow of the dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I blow dry natural hair?

You can blow dry natural hair as long as you do not expose it to heat for a longer period. This will make your hair lose its natural texture and ability to bounce back to its natural shape.

2. What type of blow dryer is best for natural hair?

When purchasing a blow dryer for natural hair, you should look for models that offer you speedy drying with non-damaging technology. Natural hair is susceptible to heat damage, so you should opt for a product that has the option to cool down the temperature.

3. What type of blow dryer is best for curly hair?

Look for the blow dryer that has a diffuser attachment. It offers you 360-degree airflow, which gently enhances curly hair rather than separating it and prevents any damage that may occur.

4. What type of blow dryer is best for damaged hair?

Since heat is one of the most common reasons the hair gets damaged, you should opt for the product that offers a variety of heat settings so you can adjust the temperature accordingly.

Final Thoughts

In today’s rich market that offers top-of-the-line products, finding a suitable blow dryer for natural hair can be surprisingly difficult. There are multiple factors involved, and there are so many features that can make your head spin. Luckily, although finding the right choice may be challenging, it is not impossible.

Start your research by defining your budget limits, and after thorough research, you will definitely find some exceptional choices. We hope our article will help you in this endeavor and help you make an educated decision. Natural hair deserves the best possible care, so make sure to read reviews and guidelines carefully, and you will certainly find the product that will suit your needs best.

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