Drybar hair dryer reviews: 1875 Watt – Nanolonic Technology

The drybar hair dryer is essentially a blow drying machine just like many others. It is used by well over 1500 stylists nationwide. However, it has some unique features which make it stand out from the said “others”.

Below are the amazing features of the dry bar hair dryer and why many style icons and fans would want to try it out:

It is an 1875 Watt machine.

The dryer is extremely powerful and ultra-light, which ensures that you will be left with silky, radiant and shiny hair. Wouldn’t we all love that! The hair dryer, which is professional, functions by employing not only infrared technology but also negative ions and consequently the motor of its AC (Alternating Current) delivers great airflow all while being very gentle on one’s hair.

It Uses Nanolonic Technology.

This means that the dryer has the capability of breaking up the water on one’s hair very fast in a dry-time that is actually reduced.

The dryer has Nano beads within its system and these Nano beads work by emitting the negative ions which smoothen and seal the user’s hair cuticles.

This helps to not only reduce the frizz but also increases your shine. It also helps to trap the moisture inside your hair resulting in hydrated and healthy looking hair.

The other main product features of the dry bar hair dryer include:

  • It has two-speed settings and three temperatures.
  • There is also a shot button which helps to set your style.
  • It weighs only 4 pounds.
  • The dryer has been tested and clinically proven to dry your hair very fast as compared to other regular dryers.

Furthermore, the dryer is unique in that instead of sliding on, the concentrators actually snap in. This ensures that the concentrators do not pop off when they get older and you are sure that you will use the dryer for a long time.

Most customers who have tried the hair dryer love it due to the ionic technology which helps by sealing cuticles hence reducing frizz during the drying process. This feature is obviously helpful because thick hair usually cuts during drying time.

Many people with dry hair will always complain of having to get products that improve hair moisture or one that would essentially reduce breakage every time the weather changes. However, with the introduction of ionic technology, your hair will be healthier and even shinier because of the drier locks all the water in the cuticles!

Looking through the Amazon website, one will realize the dry bar hair dryer has a total of 26 reviews currently. The good news is that the product has an average score of 4 stars out of 5, which just goes to show how reliable the product is.

There are also a few negative comments. The most common one was the issue of the dryer being deafening. Well, we all know that hair dryers aren’t exactly the most discreet machines to work with.

They al produce some level of noise and the dry bar hair dryer is no different. Furthermore, you only get to use the dryer for a few minutes and so it cannot be a long-term nuisance.

There is also the issue concerning the price of the item. Most reviewers have complained that it costs almost three times what other dryers do but then again, a dryer is an appliance I use daily and if I need to keep my hair healthy and the high price is what I have to pay then so be it.


The drybar hair dryer might be quite costly but it is the first of its kind to actually lock water in and make you shiny and silky. It is definitely an investment worth trying which will lead to amazing results which are long term.

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