7 Best Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer 2024 – Highly Rated

While your definitive objective is to discover a hair dryer that permits you to dry your slight or thick hair rapidly and most proficiently, there are different elements you require present for that to happen agreeably to you.

Your Blowdryer is some of the time the way to getting a decent hair day or a terrible one. As a beautician, I can let you know which brands are justified regardless of the cash. I am certain you’re acquainted with the Panasonic name. Aside from making sound frameworks and TVs, they likewise make a few models of the best cheap hair dryers.

Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer is appeared to lessen harm brought on by ordinary brushing and upgrade hair’s smoothness and shine. The technology utilized draws moisture from the air to tenderly mix 1,000x more moisture particles into hair than average particle hair dryers.

Top 3 Picks Comparison

Top Recommended Panasonic Hair Dryer

Here is a decent survey for the best Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer you can browse for the best results.

1. Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair Dryer – Editor’s Pick

Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair Dryer


The Panasonic hair dryer features a revolutionary Nanoe technology that enables it to inject 1000 times more moisture droplets when compared with other dryers with ionic technology. It adds more fluff and relative volume to the hair and users will experience markedly reduced frizz and significantly less damage to the hair due to brushing.

The dryer is provided with 3 high-quality and professional attachments which include a quick-dry nozzle, set nozzle and a diffuser. It has two speeds and three temperature settings (hot, warm and cool) with an additional cool shot feature.

It has a removable filter function and is provided with a convenient 9-foot cable with a hang loop for storage. Its overall dimensions are 4.6 by 13 by 10.1 and it weighs 2.55 pounds.

Main Product features dryer

  • Nanoe™ hair dryer adds volume, minimizes frizz and reduces damage to hair from brushing
  • Infuses 1000x more moisture into hair than typical ion hair dryers
  • The unique quick-dry nozzle provides dual airflow for faster drying
  • Style while you dry with three pro-quality Nanoe attachments – a dual airflow Quick-Dry Nozzle is designed to dry hair faster; a Concentrator Nozzle provides focused airflow for precise styling; a full-sized Diffuser adds volume while combating frizz
  • 1875 Watts, two speeds, three heat settings, three attachments included
  • It is a high-quality product with great visual appeal and is fashionably styled.
  • It is relatively lightweight and quite easy to handle
  • It has a long heavy duty 9 foot power cord that confers maneuverability and flexibility
  • It dries hair quite fast and efficiently
  • It has 3 different attachments and this can be used for a diverse number of jobs to achieve great hairs styling effects. The attachments eliminate the need to use a hair brush
  • When using the drier, it has been noted that it produces plastic fumes
  • Its lack of a dual voltage switch limits its usage in a variety of global locations


Overall Review

It has the best overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and considering the practical features bundled into the Panasonic Hair dryer. This is definitely one of the travel hair dryer can be used by anyone everywhere no matter the coarseness or softness of their hair.

2. Panasonic EH-NA27-K Nanoe Compact – Best for Travel

Panasonic EH-NA27-K Nanoe Compact


Do you want to buy Compact Travel Hair Dryer? Are you aware of the features that you should know when making your choice? When you have information about compact travel blow dryer.

You will be in a position to make an informed decision especially when you need a good deal.

Here is a review of the travel hair dryer that you must know before buying one.

What are the features of the Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA27-K?

Here is a review of the features that you should know:

  • It is foldable and lightweight: This Panasonic Nanoe compact travel hair dryer is foldable and lightweight making it quick as well as easy to style and dry at home, work, while traveling or at the gym. You will never have a difficult time especially when you need the best hair dryer available in the market.
  • It uses modern technology: This Nanoe often draws moisture from the air before infusing hair with particles that are moisture-rich with an aim of reducing damages often caused by everyday brushing at the same time enhancing hair’s shine and smoothness.
  • Simple to use: With an exclusive and pro-quality Quick-Dry Nozzle, it provides a strong and soft airflow for fast drying time and concentrated styling for smooth, shiny, and healthy-looking hair. You will always be contented with the quality that you would have especially when you need the best solution.
  • Uses less power: This Powerful 1400-Watt compact travel hair dryer often includes high, cool and medium airflow settings available for different styles, hair types and drying times. You can always choose your favorite especially when you want to keep your hair stylish and smooth.
  • It has a portable and compact design: With a folding handle, portable and compact design, it will always fit neatly into luggage and bags, stores easily within the drawers especially when traveling. In addition, it has an easy-clean filter to help you maintain its peak performance.

  • It is significantly less expensive with a retractable cord of 1875 watts making it among the best options that you can buy from the market. During your purchase, you are likely to make huge savings compared to other available brands for sale.
  • When using it, you will dry up your hair much faster, which makes it one of the best options especially when you need the best solution. . It is easy to maintain since you do not need much especially when you want to improve the looks of your hair.
  • It can deliver 1400-Watt power and high, cool and medium airflow settings to accommodate different hair types, styles, and drying times.
  • The main con is the cost, especially when compared to other cheaper options available for sale in the market. You might have challenges when using it for the first time especially when you want to style your hair.


The Overall Review

The above review of compact Travel Hair Dryer should help you understand the product before you can be in a position to use it.

3. Panasonic EH-NA97-P Hair Dryer Nano Care Pinks

Panasonic EH-NA97-P Hair Dryer Nano Care Pinks


We will present here our Panasonic hair dryer EH-NA97-P review in order to keep you informed and help your selection purchase. Our review has found that this hair dryer is an ultimately perfect blow-dryer, which can be used every single day if one so wishes. It has a special blend of specific elements that turn it into an extremely reduced unit. It has an exceptional warming component and can be used to dry one’s thick hair. It can also be taken a gander at as two dryers in one.

Four Operational Modes Feature:

EH-NA97-P has four special modes that are very effective to all types of hair whether they are thin or thick, supple or not. These include (1) scalp mode of 60 degrees Celsius while the room temperature is usually 30 degrees, (2) intelligent heat air mode of 125 degrees while at room temperature of 30 degrees, (3) pores and skin mode, and (4) cold and warm rhythm mode.

Power To Treat Hair Feature:

This Panasonic hair dryer comes with this useful feature that allows you to treat your hair while you dry it. EH-NA97-P can treat your hair with its double mineral treatment. There is no friction harm and makes hair stronger and shinier.


    • This hair dryer model comes with an air drift of 1.3 m3 per minute (Turbo).
    • The home appliance has a compact design. Its dimensions are 22.3 cm in height, 20.7 cm in width and 8.9 cm in depth.
    • This Panasonic hair dryer product has a body mass of 0.575 kilogram, which is not together with its set nozzle.
  • The hair dryer has a power consumption of 1,200 Watts.
  • This Panasonic hair dryer model has care for housing and a set of nozzles.
  • The device’s power duration is about 1.7 m.
  • The electric appliance’s power is specification is AC 100 V, working at a frequency in the range of 50 to 60 Hz.
  • The product’s packaging dimensions are 27.7 cm in height, 14.8 cm in width and 14.8 cm in thickness.

Customer reviews and scores

  • Mainly, customers love the product’s short duration of hair drying time. It is authentic and original. It is said to be the hype lately because it can save you 15 percent less hair drying time compared to some other products in the market.
  • Also, the hair can be less frizzy and become shinier because of the Nanoi tech that’s built in the product. It also comes with a “face” dry option that makes the skin smooth.
  • Other things that customers point in their review are they can save on hair care products as they can truly see the difference; they will not go back to cheap hair dryers; and they buy more of it for their loved ones as a gift.
  • The customers that have tried the product generally smell the plastic burn. Some report that the plastic burn smell still persists even for a long time of usage. Others, on the other hand, say it’s only in the first use. Also, there is a case of poor packaging when it is sent to the customer’s doorstep. However, these customers are still positive at using the product because of its great effectiveness.
  • The Panasonic Nano Care Pink EH-NA97-P hair dryer has currently eight customer reviews. It has an average of 4.3 stars as customers rate it on Amazon.


Overall, the product can be safely recommended to anyone who wishes to own a revolutionary hair dryer like the Panasonic Nano Care Pink EH-NA97-P.

Price aside, the Panasonic EH-NA97-P hair dryer is an effective and time-saver product. With its novel nanotech, many more people want to own a unit for caring for their hair. It doesn’t really matter what state your hair is in – thin or thick, frizzy or not – this is perfect for everyday use. The only negative thing is its plastic burning smell, which is drowned by a lot of positive feedback that tells of improved skin and scalp, as well as it gives healthy and glossy hair.

This is the perfect product if you are looking for a great blow-dryer to use every day. It can be considered as a two-in-one dryer and comes with a compact design. It features four special modes effective in drying all types of hair. Its intense heating component makes it very suitable even for the thickest hair. For all these reasons we highly recommend this hair dryer model.

4. Panasonic Nano Care EH-NA95-RP

Panasonic Nano Care EH-NA95-RP


Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA95-RP can accomplish a detectable lessening in fan clamor pronounced by numerous models. This is genuinely a calm blow dryer that is additionally moderate.

This hair drying instrument utilizes tourmaline, clay, and ionic frameworks to viably make a workable union of hair drying and hair care in one gadget.

The mixture of the components of tourmaline and artistic in this convenient hair dryer gives the unit the ability to create warming that is even and won’t harm your hair.

About the Product

  • AC100V 50HZ-60Hz
  • Power utilization: 1200W/600W
  • Handling Start Date: 2013/3/13
  • Weight: around 0.585kg
  • 228 × width 206 × profundity 87mm tallness: body size

5. Panasonic nano care EH-NA58 Pale Pink – Best for Frizz-free Hair

Panasonic nano care EH-NA58 Pale Pink


One of the most crucial daily hair care equipment, the right hair dryer can turn even the driest and damaged hair into a lustrous and glossy mane. Your hair dryer has the power to turn your bad hair day into one of the best ones.

But choosing the right hair dryer is not that easy. So, we decided to review one of the most hyped hair dryers of 2018, Panasonic hair dryer nano care EH-NA58-PP in the color pale pink.

Panasonic is well known for availing some of the best hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers in the market and this product is no different. Equipped with nano care and ionic charge, the hair dryer claims to give frizz-free, shiny & lustrous hair!

Nano care to the rescue

Panasonic has equipped this hair dryer with nano care which plays a significant part in providing healthier scalp and voluminous hair. Nano care is well known for removing itchiness, dandruff, and decreasing hair fall. This hair dryer not only helps you get a fresh blown-out look but also makes your hair more healthy and vibrant.

Stylish design

The hair dryer looks quite interesting and funky on the outside. The striking pale pink color and the handy design are some of its many plus points. We absolutely loved its stylish and chic outer design.

Features and Specifications

  • Voltage selector switch: A voltage selector switch allows you to switch the power from AC100-120 V to AC200-240 V according to your needs.
  • Temperature selection: Panasonic avails two different temperature settings to allow you options for a hot setting and a moderate one. If you are attempting some complicated and elaborate hairstyle, you can select the 95-degree C while the 80-degree C is perfect for daily hair care.
  • Air Volume: The hair dryer avails the air volume of 1.2m3/min for the lower setting and 1.4m3/min for the higher one. The air volume is competent enough to assist you in getting the simplest to the most complex hairstyles.
  • Cord length: One of the most common problems we often face with hair dryers is its cord length. Most brands do not take care in providing a long cord and if your mirror or dressing table is a little far from your electrical connection, you might face a problem. Panasonic avails a 1.7 m cord length with this hair dryer which is long enough for such situations.
  • Dimensions: The hair dryer has dimensions of 21cm height * 19.2cm width * 8cm depth.
  • Quick-drying nozzle: The hair dryer provides a quick-drying nozzle that can be easily attached to the main body at your convenience. The nozzle provides a concentrated volume of air and is perfect if you are running late and need a quick blowout.
  • Outer body and handling: The outer body is stylish and sophisticated, and the pale pink color is one of the cult favorites. The hair dryer is light enough to facilitate easy handling and effortless management.

Customer Reviews and Scores

  • One of the best things about this hair dryer is its nanotechnology which allows absolutely frizz-free and smooth hair. Your hair is left shiny, lustrous, and looks much healthier than before. The dryer also provides ample volume to your limp and dull hair to allow you the opportunity to try any and every hairstyle.
  • With an average score of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon, this hair dryer has gathered a plethora of satisfied customers. The positive customer reviews further assert our claim of its effectiveness and capability.
  • While some customers might have some trouble with the discharge of a bad smell when using the dryer, it is just the smell that any new equipment has and goes away after a couple uses. The smooth and shiny finish and the damage-less blown out results more than makeup for the bad smell you might encounter in the first few tries.

This hair dryer not only provides easily manageable and shiny hair but also takes care of your scalp and eliminates any frizziness or dullness. We highly recommend this product to people with all hair types, but the oily-haired beauties might have a special advantage with its nano-care technology. Panasonic has definitely lived up to our expectations with this effective, damage-free, and nourishing hairdryer.

6. Panasonic Hair Dryer ionity pink EH-NE26-P

Panasonic Hair Dryer ionity pink EH-NE26-P


Hair dryer is one of the most basic and critical routines in our hair care regime. The perfect hair dryer can turn your limp, dull, and damaged hair into a shiny, lustrous, and volumized mane. The market is filled with different dryers availing new and unique technology to give you the best results. Choosing the right one for your hair is not easy and that is why we review some of the best hair dryers availed in the market for you.

Panasonic has been a well-known brand for decades and is a genius in providing some of the best hair dryers in the market. The latest addition to its plethora of availed varieties is the Panasonic Ionity EH-NE26 in the color pink. We thoroughly tried and tested the dryer and came to the conclusion that Panasonic has not disappointed its customers with this new launch.

Nanoe Technology

Panasonic has equipped this hair dryer with Nanoe technology to avail fast drying without losing any moisture or damaging your hair. One of the most crucial points of any hair dryer is to make sure that it does not damage and dry out your hair into a dull and marred heap. Not only does this revolutionary Nanoe technology keep your hair hydrated and moisturized but also keeps it frizz-free and lustrous.

Color and design

While the features and technology are important, we also want our hair dryer to look interesting and stylish. With the glossy pink color and the bendable design, the hair dryer is as efficient as it is good-looking. The design is perfect for girls of all ages and styles.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: The hair dryer comes in the size 20.8 cm height * 17.2 cm width * 7.3 cm depth. Panasonic has kept this hair dryer quite small in size which makes it one of the best choices if you travel a lot and want something small and compact.
  • Weight: With a weight of just about 430 g, the hair dryer is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. It facilitates easy handling and effortless usage.
  • Temperature selection: Panasonic provides three different heat settings with this dryer. A cold setting when you do not want to inflict the damages of heat on your hair, a moderate set that is of medium temperature, and a turbo setting for high power and heat.
  • Quick-drying nozzle: A quick-drying nozzle allows you a better concentration of air so that you can dry your hair easily when you do not have too much time on hand.
  • Nanoe technology: The hair dryer has Nanoe technology which protects your hair from losing moisture or natural oil and drying out. The dryer allows your hair a frizz-free shine even after using the highest heat setting.
  • Power consumption: The dryer takes anything from 600 W to 1200 W according to your usage.
  • Voltage: AC 100 V 50-60 Hz

Customer review and score

The one thing that impressed us as well as hundreds of other customers is its power and ionity that avails fast and efficient drying without damaging your hair. We all know how unfiltered heat can damage your hair cuticles, curb its growth, and make it frizzy. Panasonic has equipped this dryer with pioneering features that allow us to use heat and style our hair without damaging and destroying it. Your hair stays nourished, shiny, and frizz-free.

With an average score of 4.2 out of 5 at Amazon, this dryer has accumulated more than a hundred happy and satisfied customers. Its well-thought design and attractive color have made it a favorite among women of all ages and hair types.

Although we found some complaints about the enhanced sound when in turbo mode, it is not that loud and disruptive. Moreover, in a cold or moderate settings, the dryer is very much noise-less and efficient. The attractive features and proficient results make up for this minuscule problem.

We recommend this hair dryer to women of all ages, hair types, and style preferences. This small, compact, and powerful equipment is bound to satisfy all your hair care needs.

Panasonic EH-NE26 Pink Hair Dryer leaves your hair shiny, vibrant, and manageable so that you try even the most complex hairstyles with ease. The product definitely avails features and technology more than it’s worth.

Nanoe Technology

Panasonic’s select Nanoe technology can dry your hair, without drying it out. Nanoe technology takes moisture particles from your hair and noticeable all around and makes ultra-fine Nanoe one billion times littler than steam particles.

Every moisture rich molecule contains 1,000 x more water than general particles and profoundly enters the hair and scalp to reinforce and shield hair from harm brought on by warmth and brushing.

Proficient quality frill incorporates the speedy dry spout for quicker more uniform drying, the set spout to think wind stream and the diffuser connection to dry or twist hair and dispense with frizz. Put a conclusion to dry, crimped hair and experience the advantages of Nanoe™ moisture for smooth and glossy hair.


Whether you’re searching for something to blow dry your hair in alongside no time, or need to style your locks as you dry, the hairdryer is a key part of any hair care unit. From great all-rounders to something the experts would utilize, bring your pick with our crucial hairdryer guide!

A hairdryer is something you may well be utilizing each day, so it’s imperative to discover one that feels right. Weights can differ hugely and a few models are far bulkier than others. In a perfect world, you need to have a go at holding a couple in a shop first to ensure that you pick one that feels good.

If you utilize a dryer consistently, search for an intense model by checking the force rating and running for one with 1400 watts or more. You’ll be capable dry your hair all the more rapidly with the additional warmth, which ought to abandon you less inclined to harmed hair and the feared frizz.

A mix of warmth settings is valuable and you ought to search for a model with a not too bad line length – salon models have a 9ft rope for unlimited drying.

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