9 Best Cordless Rechargeable Battery Operated Blow Dryers 2024 – Review

Why ever do we need to blow dry our hair specifically us ladies? Of course, we want to achieve straight sleek looking hair with enough volume.

We wouldn’t want to have a flat hair day right because that is the next worst thing to a bad hair day. And for us ladies with naturally wavy hair, blow-drying helps get rid of those knots and tangles, helps reduce the appearance of split ends, and gives us more options on styling our hair.

Cordless Rechargeable Battery Operated Blow Dryers

A blow dryer is indeed a heaven-sent device and a staple beauty tool. But don’t you wish it is better? Something that won’t require you to go looking for an electrical socket or do away with a cord that often tangles with everything on the dressing table and sometimes even tangles with your neck.

The answer to this dilemma is the best cordless rechargeable battery operated blow dryers, they don’t come with those annoying cords.

What Is A Cordless Hair Dryer?

It is the answer to your wish for a more convenient hair dryer, a device that does not require you to go looking for a power outlet and doesn’t have the inconvenience of the cord. Most models are lightweight, suitable for traveling, fit for use outdoors, and can be used even without electricity.

The Best Proposed Cordless Hair Dryers

1. Cordless Lithium Battery Powered Hair Dryer Profession Baby Hairdryer by Scnvo – Editor’s Pick

Cordless Lithium Battery Powered Hair Dryer Profession Baby Hairdryer by Scnvo


Very good value for money, this battery-operated hair dryer is ideal for traveling and outdoor activities.

It is light, handy, made of high-quality materials and comes with a one-year warranty and one-month replacement.

The best feature of this battery-operated hair dryer is its design which is fit of kids

And even for babies owing to its batteries that are made from lithium polymer resulting to no dispersion of electromagnetic energy which is deemed harmful to kids and babies specifically to the brain.

Further, it is amazingly multifunctional as it can be used as a charger by simply connecting a USB cable.

2. Cordless Hair Dryer 420 Watts FreeDryer

Cordless hair dryer (1-battery edition)-420 Watts FreeDryer/battery operate/rechargeable


Also designed for traveling and outdoor use, this amazing battery-operated hair dryer boasts of longer-lasting operating time of 15 minutes for medium heat setting and 7 minutes under high heat setting.

Its best features are its rechargeable battery which can even be charged in the car.

Also, this device claims to be EMR free thus do not emit electromagnetic radiation.

3. Dyson Supersonic Hair Travel Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Travel Dryer


Versatility is the advantage of this high-end electric hair dryer as it presents multiple heat and speed settings thereby minimizing heat damage to the hair.

It also amazingly stays cool due to its heat shield technology unlike most hair dryers when set to high heat.

It comes with fantastic attachments such as the diffuser, a styling concentrator, and a nozzle for smoothing the hair.

4. BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Car Inverter with 4.2A Dual USB Car Adapter – Top Gadget

Car Inverter with 4.2A Dual USB Car Adapter

One does not need a battery powered hair dryer when this gadget is available for it can store and provide 3 kilowatts of uninterrupted DC to AC energy and 7 kilowatts of instant power.

It facilitates fast charging. Powerful yet lightweight and compact and assures safe charging and does not overheat.

Who Needs A Cordless Hair Dryer?

cordless hair dryer
Source: thegadgetflow.com

Camping or RVing with limited power

Yeah, we know most camping destinations do not have electricity, at least those more exciting ones are quite remote and mostly unplugged.

All the more when you are on the road riding your RV right, quite difficult to think about blow drying. But all these are possible with your portable battery-operated blow dryer.

Frequent travelers/international travelers dealing with different sockets

It’s so frustrating to realize that your blow dryer’s plug doesn’t fit the outlet in your room and the hotel doesn’t provide a complimentary hair dryer.

Who can blame you when there are at least four types of plugs and sockets to think about on top of the luggage you have to prepare for travel.

Like when you are from the US and you brought your Type B plug to India which typically offers Type D sockets or even other countries in Asia where Type C is commonly used.

Showering at the gym

Unless you go to an exclusive club where the amenities are superb, normal gym facilities have limited power outlets and lots of patrons coming in and out of the bathroom which gives you less chance of plugging in that hair dryer you brought with you.

You wouldn’t want to inconvenience some members just because you needed to blow dry.

Homes with frequent power outages

This is a normal occurrence during the typhoon and storm seasons when power outages are frequent, and your home doesn’t have a generator.

Also, those island homes where only power barges supply the electricity and there is no backup power supply. Or in times of calamities like an earthquake when the power lines and facilities are damaged.

Blow drying your hair keeps you warm during the cold or winter season, which justifies the need to blow dry in times of calamities.

Drying kids’ hair

cordless hair dryer kids

Kids are always mobile and have lots of mischief and cannot stay in one place for a stretch of time.

This is why blow drying their hair is a task that requires lots of patience. But with the aid of a battery-operated hair dryer, this task of drying your kids’ hair can become less daunting and can even be fun and become a sort of bonding between you and your kids.

Homestays with shared bathroom

Respecting each other’s rights to facilities is one of the key elements to maintaining a harmonious relationship with housemates and roommates.

Nobody likes a housemate that dominates the use of the bathroom just because she is blow drying her hair, specifically during rush hours before school or work.

The worst is when you are about to sleep but your roommate has the habit of blow drying her hair at bedtime.

Craft projects

Hair dryers are also useful when doing crafts as it helps heat up a surface and offers quick-drying for paints and glues.

It would be a nuisance to bring along a hair dryer that requires a plug specifically when you are in the classroom or a training hall.

Drying off pets/outdoor items

Blow drying kids’ hair is taxing and requires lots of patience but blow-drying pets’ hair is double the effort.

Some pets like cats are afraid of the sound and just can’t stay in one place and dogs are not better specifically those large breeds.

Washing up large dog breeds will require you to do it outdoors and the hair drying as well.

These daunting tasks are easier to perform with the use of a battery-powered hairdryer.

How to Choose the Best Battery Powered Hair Dryer – Important Features In A Cordless Hair Dryer

Battery Powered Hair Dryer

Powerful Battery Plus Spare Availability

Blow drying attributed to high heat settings uses up a lot of power, thus an excellent battery-operated hair dryer must have a powerful battery that lasts long.

Make sure to choose the one with an excellent power rating and even better if rechargeable as this can save you money in the long run.

Also, make sure to have a spare battery to ensure uninterrupted blow drying when necessary. One wouldn’t know when such times occur and being ready always pays off.

External Battery & Internal Battery

One can easily replace the external battery and continue use of the blow dryer without having to wait for the entire recharging time.

Also, when storing blow dryers, an external battery can be removed for safer storage and to avoid battery leaks or unnecessary battery discharge while on storage.

While the internal battery does the opposite as one will have to wait up during the recharging time and cannot use the blow dryer.

Small Dimensions

Since the battery adds up to the weight in the case of cordless hair dryers, one must choose a smaller device so to maintain convenience in use and operation of the blow dryer to counter the added weight.

One wouldn’t want a heavy hair dryer for the risk of the wrist or arm injury attributed to use.

Less Charging Time

Charging time cordless hair dryer

Anyone would prefer a fast-charging battery-operated hair dryer and with the advancement in technology, there are many offerings in the market.

In case you do not have the fast charging type, just make sure to always recharge your hair dryer consistently to avoid inconvenience specifically when rushing to go out for school or work.

Cool Shot Button

One wouldn’t need all the hair dryer’s heat when one’s hair is not very wet (approximately 20% wet).

This is the neat trick of the cool shot button available in many hair dryers even in cordless models.

By using this cool shot button, blow-drying causes less heat damage and at the same time promotes hair shine without over-drying.

Dryer Attachments

Diffusers are hair dryer attachments that come in various types and purposes such as the one that makes sure do not experience the unfortunate event of having your hair gets caught in the hair dryer.

Another diffuser allows you to incorporate argan oil into the process of your hair drying thereby giving you the luxurious experience of a moisturizing hair drying process.

The nozzles also come in various styles and purposes such as those intended for drying hair extensions, wigs, and weaves. Longer nuzzles help keep the heat away from your hair thus protecting it from over-drying.

Problems of A Conventional Hair Dryer

hair dryer

Traveling light becomes a difficult task

Have you ever sacrificed some spare clothing or reading materials just to give enough room in your luggage for that important electric hair dryer? Often, one has to give up luggage space just to pack the bulky electric blow dryer. Specifically, when one needs to travel light, such a scenario is often cumbersome and annoying.

You can skip blow drying your hair when camping

Have you tried washing your hair during camping and ended up getting chilled because you cannot blow dry in the absence of electricity? This is one of the nuisances of having a conventional hair dryer, it just can’t be functional when unplugged. Unless you cart along with a generator while camping, such benefits just can’t be enjoyed while camping.

Using up a large amount of electricity

When trying to achieve maximum hair drying at the quickest possible time, an electric hair dryer is normally set to high heat. And by doing such, increased power consumption is not avoidable

Exposure to EMF

Prolonged and constant exposure to EMF can lead to some cancers or other forms of sickness such as Alzheimer’s. Discharged by electronic appliances and devices such as the electric hair dryer, such risk just can’t be ignored.

Safety becomes an issue

Just like any electrical appliances and device, an electric hair dryer must be handled with extra care and should never be used near the water or when bathing as this can cause electric shock specifically when accidentally dropped in a tub with water. Always make sure to unplug the device when not in use.

How Are They Different From Normal Hair Dryers?

hair dryers

They are battery-powered

Variants are either using internal or external batteries and some models come in rechargeable form.

They use DC motors

Unlike electric motors, the battery motors are generally smaller and lighter.

They need to be charged

To manage and ensure uninterrupted blow drying, make sure to have a spare battery in case of external battery and for the internal battery, make sure to schedule recharging always.

What Are the Key Benefits of a Wireless Hair Dryer?


Since less bulky and comes without a cord or wire, a battery-operated hair dryer is easier to pack for travel or outdoor activity.

Traveling/ Camping

No need to bring along a bulky generator, just make sure you get a spare battery and power bank.


The low risk from electric shock and overheating.

Easy to use and lightweight

No hassle brought about by the cord and no EMF.

What Are the Drawbacks?

hair dryer cordless

Weaker airflow

For salon or professional use, conventional hair dryers are still the leading device of choice.

Limited usage

Battery life usually lasts only up to 15 minutes for medium heat setting while only 7 minutes for high heat setting. Some devices offer even less operating time.

Not suitable for coarse/thick hair

Coarse and thick hair normally takes longer to dry up and requires high heat to achieve desired styling effect which might not be served well using the battery -operated hair dryer.

Battery overheating

Prolonged usage and when not rested at intervals, certain types of batteries tend to overheat.

Low heat

Compared to an electric hair dryer, the heating capacity of battery-operated hair dryer is always inferior.


Choosing the perfect hair dryer for you is just like making purchase decisions on any other gadget or device, always based on purpose. What do you intend to achieve by acquiring such device? Is it for your traveling or for salon industrial usage? Also, the budget always matters when making purchase decisions, thus the concept of best value for money always comes into consideration.

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